Thursday, July 18, 2013

Army National Guard Launches Health Website

Recognizing that citizen-soldiers (as National Guard members are sometimes called) have special healthcare needs, the Army National Guard has launched after creating the Facebook Page

On a Department of Defense's Bloggers Roundtable I was privileged to hear these initiatives discussed by Colonel Anne L. Naclerio, Chief Surgeon, Army National Guard Directorate, and Chair, Women’s Health Task Force, Office of the Surgeon General.

Some of the interesting points of the discussion included that the website is designed to be easily accessible on mobile devices and that research resulted in a .com rather than a .mil website.

The roundtable also briefly discussed military women's health initiatives, including specific hygiene needs of women in combat areas, sexual assault issues, and the forthcoming body armor configured for women's bodies.

In addition, the discussion touched on the importance of civilian healthcare providers -- who are frequently the healthcare providers for National Guard members -- to become aware of the special health needs of citizen-soldiers.

Check out this new site now for good healthcare information for everyone at

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