Monday, May 19, 2008

Announcing the Upcoming Virtual Book Tour of MRS. LIEUTENANT

MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL is about to embark on a virtual book tour around the blogosphere.

What is a virtual book tour? Instead of book authors flying from city to city and staying in hotels (and shlepping their luggage), book authors sit in the comfort of their own homes and write guest blogs that are featured on different people’s book-related blogs.

I’m doing my virtual book tour through Dorothy Thompson’s company – and Dorothy is a terrifically pumped-up person.

In future posts I’ll give you details of my “appearances.” For now I wanted to share with you a description of one guest blog assignment I just wrote – for the blog

I had to write a character interview as if an interviewer were talking with one of my characters. This was such fun! I chose Kim Benton, the Southerner in MRS. LIEUTENANT with whom Sharon Gold shares a car.

I’m not going to give away any snippets of the interview here as I want to save everything for the blog post. Yet what I will say is that Kim talks about her differences with Sharon on the subjects of race, religion and the North vs. the South.

Use the RSS feed on this blog or go to my website at to signup for emails of my blog posts in order to keep up with my virtual book tour stops. I’m looking forward to traveling all over the world without leaving my home!

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Dorothy Thompson said...

Phyllis, you did it!!! I am so proud of you! LOL...I'm thinking people popping in are going to wonder what in the heck I'm talking about!'s our little secret!