Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Divorce in the Military: Special Financial Considerations Can Be Very Important

Unfortunately divorce is a relevant topic for many military families. Multiple deployments can wreak havoc with a family and cause additional strains on a marriage -- strains that civilian couples don't have.

And for military couples divorcing, there are importance differences in the divorce laws that military families should know about before seeking a divorce.

Yesterday the BlogTalkRadio show that I co-host with Nancy Brown of featured financial consultant Michael Kothakota of in his third time on our show. He talked about the importance of working with a financial consultant during a divorce.

Also, Michael repeatedly said that the most important thing for a military couple divorcing is to have a good attorney who knows the special circumstances of military divorces.

What most struck me is that, if a couple doesn't know about the 10-year rule, the non-military spouse could miss out by only a few weeks on the benefits that otherwise would be hers or his.

Even if you aren't in the military or married to someone in the military, Michael's informative discussion of financial considerations in divorce could be vital information for you to know. Listen to the replay of the interview now.

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