Thursday, July 23, 2009

Military Families Impacted by Autism Need Your Immediate Help

Here is the latest update from Karen Driscoll, Marine Corps wife who has three children, one with autism:

Dear Friends, Family, and Fellow Autism Advocates,

The Senate Defense Bill will likely wrap up tonight or tomorrow and go to the floor for a vote.

Unfortunately, the autism amendment to recognize the medical necessity of effective autism treatments and provide appropriate coverage of treatment services under the TRICARE basic program was rejected by the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Military families impacted by autism need your immediate help and action today.

1. Please contact Senator Levin and Senator McCain and ask they allow the Gillibrand autism amendment, amendment #1786, be voted on. Phone numbers below.

Senator Levin 202-224-6221

Senator McCain 202-224-2235

Not sure what to say? Below is a sample statement for your consideration:

“I appreciate the service and sacrifice our military families have given this country. Military families with autism face extraordinary challenges and need the senator’s help. I ask the senator allow the Gillibrand autism amendment to the NDAA, amendment #1786, be voted on.”

2. Call your senator and ask the senator to support and sign on to the Gillibrand autism amendment to the NDAA, amendment #1786.

Not sure who your senator is or how to contact him/her? Simply click here.

3. Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family and ask for their support and immediate action.

This important legislation will provide access to the much-needed medical services and treatments military children with autism require. Our military families shoulder significant responsibilities today. We have a moral obligation to provide our military families with the medical care they require. I ask for your help.

On behalf of the thousands of military families impacted by autism, I thank you for your action in support of our special children.

Semper Fi,

Karen Driscoll – Marine Corps wife, mother of 3 (one with autism)

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