Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE HURT LOCKER Is a Compelling New Movie About a Bomb Defusing Squad in Iraq

Kathryn Bigelow directed the 2002 movie K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, which was a heartbreaking story of a Russian nuclear sub whose sailors don't have the proper protective gear to deal with the sub's nuclear malfunction.

In her new movie THE HURT LOCKER, the U.S. bomb squad unit in Iraq has the proper protective gear, but that doesn't necessarily mean these men will survive their bomb-defusing missions.

Written by Mark Boal, the film is as compelling as a documentary, and I wish all Americans could see this movie in order to understand what American troops are up against in Iraq as well as Afghanistan.

Check out the website now of THE HURT LOCKER -- and then see the film at your local movie theater.

P.S. If anyone from this film's marketing team reads this blog post, please take my advice: Lose all the Flash that takes so long to load that I almost didn't stick around to enter the website. The film is so compelling that the site doesn't need the slow-loading Flash.

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