Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dogs of War Saving Lives in Afghanistan

This headline tweeted by @MoveOneInc caught my attention on Twitter. I was particularly interested in the story because I have recently viewed a screener of Harris Done's compelling new documentary WAR DOGS OF THE PACIFIC. (You can learn about Done's documentary at my site www.FilmsThatSupportOurTroops.com.)

I contacted the company Move One and received permission to republish the following opening of the post by Zsuzsanna Blau:

With several shipments of military working dogs (MWDs) to various war-torn countries under our belt, at Move One, we understand and therefore are able to manage the unique challenges the process of these projects bring up.

Jobs of military dogs are of a wide variety, but what they all have in common is that they are out there to help save lives while risking their own.

Understandably, these extraordinary animals and their handlers share a special bond, and are treated equally, as brothers in war, partners, as man. So much so, that MWDs are always one rank higher than their handlers, in order to ensure that if a handler ever mistreats his dog, it is considered an assault on a superior, which in the military is a major offense.

Now read the AFP news article by Jason Gutierrez with photos by Christophe Simon.


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