Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Veterans Need Help with PTSD

I've been talking with someone about his proposed project to help make Americans aware of PTSD as well as to raise funds to treat military personnel for this terrifying condition.

It's too early to talk about the project, but I do want to share a news story about one veteran's own experiences with PTSD and how he is now helping others.

And after you have read the story, if you know anyone who needs help, put PTSD in the search box on this blog and you'll see all my posts about PTSD. You can share any of the posts with others.

Plus you can go to www.FilmsThatSupportOurTroops.com and get free PTSD info.

Read this news story now of Andrew Pogany's struggle with PTSD. The story may lead you to help someone you love who is unknowingly suffering from PTSD.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of the novel MRS. LIEUTENANT and the co-author of the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION. Her newest project is www.FilmsThatSupportOurTroops.com.

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