Saturday, September 25, 2010

Businesses Can Make Accommodations for Vets With PTSD

The LA Times article "Many Veterans With PTSD Struggle to Find Supportive Employment" by Alexandra Zavis first details the problems that vets who suffer from PTSD have with getting or holding down a job.

But in my opinion the most important part of the article follows this first segment. This second part describes how organizations and companies are making accommodations for vets suffering from PTSD.

Here's an example from the LA Times article of a vet and the employer who is helping him:
Joshua Stout is one of 80 people recruited through Northrop Grumman's hiring program for severely wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. A former Marine who served in both wars, he now works as a project manager at a plant in San Diego that is developing an unmanned surveillance plane for the Navy.

The company consulted occupational nurses on how to help the 27-year-old manage PTSD and a brain injury. They showed him how to set reminders on his computer and arranged his cubicle so co-workers could not come up from behind and startle him.
(My boldface)

Stout said he struggled to learn how to manage databases, but his supervisor worked with him until he could remember the steps.
This is just one example of how accommodations can be made to "pay back" the men and women who have served in defending our country.

Read the entire article now and then, if you have hiring responsibility at a company, consider how you can accommodate hiring a vet with PTSD.

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