Monday, February 21, 2011

Donate to Send Tampons to Deployed Troops to Save Lives

Shelly Vail of Troop Support Alliance gave permission to post her email supporting Treats for Troops:

Treats for Troops is proud to share the news that SaveOnTampa Bay has stepped up to help in a MUCH needed area for our troops ... "tampons."

For the female soldiers the obvious reasons, BUT most of all to the Special Forces who take a handful with them every time they "go across the wire" in case they get shot.

Tampons are individually wrapped, sterile, easily inserted. They absorb, expand
and a surgeon can easily remove it.

This is one area that the manufacturers don't talk about. The fact is that TAMPONS SAVE MILITARY LIVES!

Just $3 can save a life. Please make a donation (in increments of $3) so we can send this much requested item to the war zones. (For example, if you want to buy five "specials," please make out the check for $15.)

If you'd like to add a couple of dollars for shipping, that would be awesome as well.

To read thank you letters from our troops, see photos or find out what else you can do to help... please check out

Make check payable to Treats for Troops and send checks to:

Treats for Troops
4923 Patagonia Place
Land O'Lakes, Fl 34638

In memo section write: SaveonTampaBay Special

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