Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please Join New Site by Theodore Knell to Help Soldiers and Their Families

Below is reprinted by permission of author Theodore Knell his information on his new site to help military personnel and their families.

As you may recall from previous posts on this blog, Theodore Knell is an ex-British Special Forces soldier who saw combat all over the world during his 22 years of service in the military.

His book FROM THE CORNERS OF A WOUNDED MIND is an incredibly moving account (complete with poetry) of what it means to serve in the harshest of circumstances.

After reading this post, I hope you will join the Hushed Voices community site. (I already have.)

From Theodore Knell:

I have created a new online community called “Hushed Voices.”

This new community is open to service families across the world, regardless of which flag their warrior fights under, whether its American, English Australian etc, we are all fighting the same enemy, and we all suffer in the same way, and it’s our families who are left to pick up the pieces and cope with the inevitable fall out.

It was only when I started writing my book that I realized just how difficult I had made life for my wife and little boy. How confused they must have been by my mood swings, long silences and just wanting to be alone, not to mention the nightmares and flashbacks.

A very minimal amount of attention and support is focused on the warriors who suffer from combat related PTSD, but even less consideration is given to their families. It was because of this that “Hushed Voices” was born, in an effort to help and support those who are now in the firing line.

The primary purpose behind “Hushed Voices” is to provide the families and loved ones of our warriors with a medium through which they can share their concerns and experiences with others in a similar situation, hopefully discovering what works and what doesn’t and what professional help is available, helping them to cope with this very destructive condition.

Membership of “Hushed Voices” is totally free, but in order to participate fully, that is, to have their voice heard, users will need to register as a member.

I am very aware of how delicate this subject is and that they may not wish to be recognized online by their spouse, friends or others in their community, and I have made allowances for this in the sign up procedure.

However, they will need:

A name: This can be their real name or a pseudonym, but NO idiotic names.

An e-mail address: If they don’t wish to use their primary e-mail address for fear of their participation being discovered, then they can get a free e-mail account from Yahoo, Gmail or other free e-mail service provider. Their e-mail address is not visible to other members and it is never shared or divulged to any third party.

Photo/picture: They don’t have to provide a photo; they can just use the standard “Hushed Voices” silhouette which they can change at any time. But as we all know a picture, whatever it may be, does make it easier for other members to recognize each others posts, comments and connect.

The site is up already and can be found at

Obviously the site is in its infancy and desperate for members.

Please join now to help yourself or someone you may know.


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