Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrating Fourth of July: Remembering Those Who Now Serve Protecting Our Freedoms

In the July 2nd Wall Street Journal article "While My Son Serves," the article author Dave Shiflett says:"Fewer than 1% of Americans wear the uniform these days."

While Shiflett doesn't mention the source of this statistic, I'll take this as accurate.

And he goes on to say: "That, in turn, puts families of deployed soldiers in something of a world of their own."

It is important for all of us Americans to take a moment to reflect on the men and women who are serving right now in the U.S. and around the globe. And to be grateful to them and their families.

In Shiflett's article, here's the part I personally found most moving:
I remember a call from our son (via cellphone) who said he was out in the middle of the desert under a bright canopy of stars...

"You out there by yourself?" I asked.

"No, Dad. I have my machine gun."
One of the reasons I spent years writing (and rewriting) my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT was because I wanted people who had no connection to military families to better understand military life.

On social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook many people now share information about our troops. I do believe that, because of this activity on social media sites, more people are aware of the need to support our troops.

This Fourth of July, while the fireworks are busting in all their glory above our heads, let us remember the bursting "fireworks" that might be aimed at our deployed soldiers. And perhaps say a little prayer for all those serving.

You can read Shiflett's entire article now.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of the novel MRS. LIEUTENANT and her social media marketing company Miller Mosaic Power Marketing works with clients to use social media to attract more business. Read her social media marketing blog.

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