Thursday, January 19, 2012

SPCA International Works for Evacuation of the “Baghdad Pups”: No Buddy Gets Left Behind

Guest post by Susan K. Becker -- see info at end of post:

Readers of the "Mrs. Lieutenant" blog may be interested in the efforts of SPCA International to evacuate the canine comrades of U. S. troops now that the military assignment is done.

I began supporting this initiative last fall in response to stories about the harrowing logistical problems involved in evacuating the dogs of troops who may be geographically separated from their pets at departure (read the story of Sadie at

This work, which benefits soldiers as well as dogs, continues urgently, as described in SPCA’s January 12th mailing:
“…Over 16,000 Americans and their animals still remain in Iraq working to train Iraq security forces … and the FBI and CIA also have a continued presence there. And, as you know already, many U.S. troops were forced to leave their animals behind.

SPCA International is committed to helping all Americans in Iraq get their animals to safe, loving homes in the U.S. We will not stop until all these patriot pets are safe….”
Learn more and view pictures of soldiers and their pups at

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