Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Support for Jewish Military Personnel: High Holiday Services Available on Shalom TV

Here is a press release from Shalom TV:

For the third consecutive year, Shalom TV is televising Jewish High Holiday services to more than 40 million cable homes across America along with placing Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur programs online for Jewish service members stationed around the world.

"Our High Holiday services are one of the most important features of our programming year," noted Shalom TV president Rabbi Mark S. Golub.

"Jews should always experience the holidays with a Jewish community in prayer, song, and companionship, and we are honored to share services with men and women who are unable to attend a synagogue during the Holy Days, as well as addressing the individual needs of Jews who sometimes feel alone."

Among the services carried live on Shalom TV (and also available On Demand) are Torah readings and the call of the Shofar [ram's horn] on Rosh Hashanah, the Kol Nidre prayer service on Yom Kippur Eve, the Yizkor memorial service on Yom Kippur, and d'rashes (commentaries and thoughts for the holidays).

Shalom TV's services, which are eclectic and egalitarian in Jewish observance, also contain a special feature that Rabbi Golub feels is especially important.

"Whenever there is congregational participation, the Hebrew is available on screen for our viewers to read, along with transliteration and the English translation," he explains. "I want people to feel they can actually participate in our services, not simply watch them on television."

Services will be available on cable systems in the Shalom TV "Judaism" section, and online on Shalom TV's Web site beginning September 14, leading into both Rosh Hashanah (September 16-18) and Yom Kippur (September 25-26). A listing of Shalom TV's channel number (by cable system) is posted at www.shalomtv.com under the "Find Us" link.

To watch Rosh Hashanah services online, click here.

Shalom TV is available as free Video On Demand on virtually every cable system in America. The Shalom TV channel can be seen on select television providers and on Ruku, and on computer and mobile devices by visiting the Shalom TV Web site.


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