Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jon Stewart Uses Humor to Demonstrate Economic Gap for Returning Veterans

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Exclusive - Economic Reintegration for Veterans
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Watch this 12-minute video to better understand the challenges facing returning veterans as they attempt to transition into the civilian job market.

I say “attempt” because Jon Stewart demonstrates how difficult this can be.

And perhaps what is most interesting (and can be fixed the quickest) is not the question of certification.

It is the time it takes to receive a form that you must request in writing that will then allow you to request form DD 214 that lists what you have done in the military (good for showing to prospective employers). When requesting the form to request the DD 214, returning veterans are told they must wait 10 to 90 days for a response.

Jon Stewart goes through the telephone transfer calls you would experience if you tried to call the VA to get the form to request the DD 214. While an hilarious sequence on the show, it is a very serious impediment to returning veterans.

Is there someone in the military who watches this video and can:

1. Have the first request form automatically given to military personnel as they exit the military.

2. Allow the completed request form to be emailed and then receive the completed DD214 within 10 working days.

Better yet, give veterans a completed DD 214 as part of the discharge process!

(Yes, this might eliminate some civilian jobs with the military. But those people might be better employed doing real work rather than “make work.”)

Simple, right? Then how come this isn't already being done?

I do hope someone watching this video here or elsewhere on the Internet can do something about this NOW!

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