Sunday, January 13, 2013

CBS TV Show BLUE BLOODS Spotlights Preventative Intervention for PTSD

In the blog post “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Not Only From Combat” I wrote about how the October 12, 2012, episode of the CBS drama BLUE BLOODS dealt with non-combat PTSD.

Now in the January 11th episode of the same show the topic has again been treated with sensitivity and enlightenment. (Dawn DeNoon wrote this Jan. 11th episode, “Front Page News,” and Jane Raab wrote the Oct. 12th episode, “Old Wounds.”)

In this new episode officer Jamie Reagan (actor Will Estes) fatally shoots a man waving a gun in Washington Square Park. While Jamie insists he is okay, the people around him are concerned with the incident's impact on him.

Jamie is mandated to see a police therapist, who explains that this is a preventative step to be aware of PTSD symptoms. The therapist then describes the symptoms.

This is a very well portrayed scene, and I hope that it may have resonated with people watching the episode who have undiagnosed PTSD. As this episode of BLUE BLOODS says, it is important that people with PTSD symptoms get help instead of trying to deal with this themselves.

Click here for information on PTSD, which can result from combat trauma as well as from non-combat trauma.

P.S. In my cozy mystery CAST THE FIRST STONE, the protagonist — Rebecca Stone — must decide whether to get help for the PTSD she has been unwilling to admit she has.

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