Thursday, April 18, 2013

PINKY SWEAR: A YA Short Story Prequel to Novel MRS. LIEUTENANT

Pinky Swear book cover

The novel MRS. LIEUTENANT, which takes place at Ft. Knox in the spring of 1970, is told from the POV of four newly married officers' wives.

One paragraph in a flashback scene from the point of view of Puerto Rican Donna led me to write a short story set in the fall of 1964 when Donna enters 10th grade at the Ft. Knox post high school.

This time period of the fall of 1964 is an interesting historical period because it is right after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and following the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed by Congress. (This resolution gave President Johnson the right to send more troops to Vietnam without a formal declaration of war by Congress.)

Donna and her classmates are not immune to the U.S. fighting in Vietnam. And it is against this backdrop that the short story deals with teen concerns.

If you enjoyed the novel MRS. LIEUTENANT, I hope you will read the YA short story PINKY SWEAR. Click here to buy it on Kindle.

Again, I want to give a special thanks to for choosing me as the April author of the month — click here to see this honor now with the new cover of MRS. LIEUTENANT clearly displayed.


Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist MRS. LIEUTENANT and the co-author of the Navy thriller LT. COMMANDER MOLLIE SANDERS. Phyllis is the co-founder of the marketing consulting company Miller Mosaic LLC, which works with clients to attract more business. Read her book-related posts at

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