Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Helping Big Tobacco Come Clean

Today Big Tobacco put a new post on his blog with the title "Coming Clean." But because there is a paragraph near the top of the post that is R-rated, I'm going to put most of his post here rather than send you to his blog.

Below is the excerpt from the September 24th post by Big Tobacco, written from an undisclosed FOB (forward operating base) somewhere in or near Iraq:

I’ve been asked my multiple people to “please write a book” so they can still enjoy my writing when I’ve redeployed and the blog is done. Well, you are going to get your wish.

It’s too late for me to take masters classes at school, so I’ve decided to start writing ... a novel.

Wow! That sounds incredibly pretentious. Can you imagine me signing books at a Borders?

"Hi, I'm Bee Tee, famous Iraq War vet and novelist. I'll sign your book, but only if you let me sign your chest first."

Now this novel presents a problem, because with the exception of a few short stories from college and one or two as mental exercises, I really haven’t written any fiction. But I’ve never let ignorance stop me from doing anything.

Phyllis Miller from is the key to all of this. She is helping me out with story structure and editing. So do me a favor, go to her website and buy her book. She deserves the extra scratch while she helps straighten out the kinks in this thing.

In the meantime, maybe I'll take up smoking a pipe.

What I want to know is: Where is his disclaimer that all mistakes are his own?

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