Friday, October 31, 2008

Army and Air Force Exchange Service Launching Blog to Celebrate the Military Family

In my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT, a telling incident occurs on the steps of the Ft. Knox PX (Post Exchange):
Sharon locates the PX, another one of the wooden frame buildings. At the top of the entrance steps a young black enlisted man in starched fatigues and shiny combat boots walks out of the door, sees them, and holds the door open. Sharon smiles at him as they pass.

They enter the PX and Kim turns to Sharon. "Did you see that? He was looking at us!"

"He was what?"

"Looking at us!" Kim hisses.

"He was just holding the door for us, being polite."

Kim's eyes flash her anger.

"Was the man black who shot the clerk?" Sharon asks.

"He was white. This has nothing to do with that." Kim strides off.

Sharon catches up with Kim in the towel department. Yves Saint Laurent towels in black and brown stripes and in blue and black stripes occupy a table. "These are terrific prices," Sharon says to Kim by way of making up. "The person who ordered these probably doesn't even know that Yves Saint Laurent is a famous designer."

For those of you who have never been in or allied with the U.S Army or the U.S. Air Force, the administration of the PX system is done by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- AAFES or called the BX/PX or Exchange. (In the sequel to MRS. LIEUTENANT, Sharon and Robert are stationed in Munich, where the headquarters of the European exchange service is in 1970.)

This coming Monday, November 3rd, AAFES is launching the blog Salute to Your Service. According to blog editor Lauren Vargas, “The AAFES: Salute to Your Service blog is not a "corporate" blog, but a blog where AAFES will be celebrating the military family.”

This is a terrific addition to online military family “conversations.” Go to for an early look at this terrific new blog.

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