Sunday, November 23, 2008

Army Wives: Dealing With Household Baggage

I'm in Chicago today visiting my parents for their 84th birthdays. As we are about to drive to O'Hare Airport, I suddenly thought of the day in September 1970 when my husband called from the Baltimore Airport. He was en route to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, to fly to Europe for an unknown destination. I didn't have concurrent travel orders.

He called and said he'd just been paged. An official army personnel informed him that my concurrent travel orders had come through and his travel orders were being put on hold. I had 72 hours to join him at Ft. Dix.

And, oh yes, we were going to Munich, Germany. I had no idea where that was, and took some time to locate it on a map.

The next day my mother and I drove to Ft. Sheridan in Chicago to arrange for our household goods still at my parents' house to be shipped to Munich. And it's being in close proximity to the former Ft. Sheridan (now a housing development) that brought this memory to mind.

If you want to read more stories of military wives dealing with household baggage and other military household matters, check out the website of author Marna A. Krajeski at

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