Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spirit of America Offers to Send 50 Blankets to Soldier in Afghanistan

On December 23rd I wrote a blog post about one soldier -- Specialist Gerardo Llamas -- currently deployed in Afghanistan, who is trying all on his own to get blankets to help save the lives of freezing Afghan children.

In my blog post I also said:
My husband told me that Spirit of America is an organization that helps “Americans serving abroad assist people in need.” But I wanted to support Gerardo Llamas, who all on his own is doing this humanitarian project.
I took the liberty of forwarding my blog post to Spirit of America and suggesting someone get in touch with Specialist Llamas.

Here's what's just happened: Yesterday I got an email from Specialist Llamas saying that he has gotten his first shipment of donated blankets, including the four I sent from Kmart.

Today I got an email from Spirit of America thanking me for thinking of the organization and saying someone would be in touch with Specialist Llamas. A few minutes later I was cced on this email:
Spirit of America would like to immediately send you 50 blankets for distribution to those in need in your area. We have your APO address from Ms. Miller, so please just let us know that these are still needed, and I will order them tomorrow. In addition, we would be happy to create a project page specifically for your request on our website so that our supporters and friends can support your efforts.
Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. I'm waiting to hear that Spirit of America has connected with Specialist Llamas. And I'll let you know what develops next.


Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for stopping at my blogspot today and making Louise Lewis feel welcomed.

On the subject of your blog, you never know what one good deed can mushroom into.

Morgan Mandel

Dennis Norris said...

Phyllis, because of the dedication of SPC Llamas and your energetic involvement in this project, Spirit of America is willing to increase our involvement to include 100 blankets and 50 school kits (backpacks containing basic school supplies), all worth about $1,500 in materials and shipping. We will also put up a "Project Page" on our website at so that if others want to contribute and further increase the amount of material sent to SPC Llamas, they may do so through our site. Thanks to you and anyone else who might be involved. Your dedication to our troops is inspirational. Thank you...Dennis Norris / Executive Director / Spirit of America