Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U.S. Army Honors Supporters Thanks to Freedom Team Salute Program

Major Michael Conroy, Director of Strategic Communications of the U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute, talked about this incredible program begun in 2005 on the BlogTalkRadio show YourMilitaryLife.com that Nancy Brown of YourMilitary.com and I co-host

At its core, the program boils down to the U.S. Army giving back to veterans, military personnel and civilian supporters for supporting U.S. troops.

Listen now to Major Conroy describe how this program, which the U.S. Army is the only service branch to have, goes out on the road to thank supporters. (The story of the middle school in Mississippi is particularly compelling.)

And then submit your candidates for this recognition at www.freedomteamsalute.com.

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