Friday, December 18, 2009

8th Annual Holiday Love Campaign for Our Troops Thanks to eMailOurMilitary with Your Help

This email I received is so important because Trish Forant and eMailOurMilitary are such a wonderful support for our troops. Read this email and act now.

Subject: Happy Holidays! A Holiday Newsletter from eMOM

We're just 7 days away from Christmas!

We're hoping you haven't forgotten our guys and gals serving across the globe this holiday season. We've got some great ways you can show your support no matter what your financial situation or schedule is.

We haven't talked about it much but this year was the hardest yet for eMail Our Military. After 8 years of supporting our troops we've had to cut back our hours of operation to accommodate for our volunteers work schedules.

We lost quite a few volunteers because of the economy. No one at eMail Our Military takes a paycheck and there just wasn't enough time for people to volunteer AND manage their work schedules just to pay the bills.

Sadly, this is also the 1st year we weren't able to send out massive amounts of care packages to our troops in time for Christmas. Financially, ff things don't change dramatically in 2010 we may be forced to close our doors forever.

It's been a wonderful 8 years and we're still optimistic that we'll get the support we need as an organization to keep supporting our military in 2010 and beyond - we'll definitely need your help.


This holiday season you can make the holidays a little brighter for our troops overseas and stationed far from home. Consider becoming a Postage Patriot or a Care Package Patriot. Starting at just $5 you can make a huge difference for our troops:;


We're still hopeful that many of you will take a moment to register to send a message of support to our troops in time for the holidays.


Though we still don't have our official online eMOM registration form up and running, we've got an online registration form that will get the job done! If you've been waiting for online registration now is the time to sign up. We can't leave this up for too long because it isn't tied to our database but we want to make sure that everyone who wants to email our troops has an opportunity to do so this holiday season.

If registering isn't your thing then why not send a one time message of support to our military instead? You can email a message of support to Messages@; and your message may appear on our website, blog, facebook page or in one of our care packages to our military!


Are we connected on Twitter yet? If not, you're missing out! Join us at (or get our blog headlines at @EMOMS)


Are you a fan of our Facebook page yet? We share different information there than we do here to give you the best of both worlds. Join us at


Did you know we have a blog? We sure do! It's called Honor, Duty, eMail and you can find it at

There we share tips for supporting our military, discounts, deals and all kinds of patriotic goodies and military news and information. You can even subscribe to our blog so you never miss a minute.

We hope you'll keep our troops in mind this holiday season and always!

Happy Holidays,
Trish & the eMOM Team

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of the novel MRS. LIEUTENANT and the co-author of the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION. Her newest project is

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