Monday, December 28, 2009

Gifts of School Supplies Save American Lives in Afghanistan

Jim Hake, founder and CEO of Spirit of America ( and the author of "101 Ways to Help the Cause in Afghanistan" wrote the op-ed piece "Spirit of America in Afghanistan: Ordinary citizens can contribute to our victory" in the December 27th Wall Street Journal.

The opinion piece begins:
In 2003, Sgt. First Class Jay Smith and his Army Special Forces team were based in Orgun-e, Afghanistan and were taking regular rocket fire from al Qaeda fighters. But Sgt. Smith and his men were armed with an effective counterweapon—gifts of school supplies and sports gear for children, and clothing, shoes and blankets for nearby families, all provided by American donors.

After receiving these items, the grateful villagers reciprocated by forming a night-watch patrol to protect our soldiers. Good relations with locals helped save American lives. I've witnessed this success on the front lines, aided by support from home, repeated many times since Sgt. Smith.

Read the rest of the piece now.


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