Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Announcing PTSD Walk Across America to Help Active-Duty Military Personnel and Veterans

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I've often written about PTSD and how important it is to get help for people suffering from the symptoms.

Now Dan Stepel, a U.S. Marine veteran, is planning to walk 12,000 miles across all 50 states to raise awareness of and funds for helping active-duty military personnel and veterans with PTSD.

Here's what you can do to help right now:

1. If you are on Twitter, follow the walk at http://twitter.com/PTSDWalk and encourage your own followers on Twitter to follow @PTSDWalk (add #sot and #military to your tweets).

2. "Like" the PTSD Walk Facebook page -- it's currently at http://budurl.com/PTSDWalk -- and once there are 25 people who "like" the page we will be able to get a customized Facebook page URL. And you can click on the "share" button on the left-hand side of the page and send it through your Facebook profile with a request for other people to "like" the page. (FYI -- "Like a page" has replaced "fan a page" on Facebook.)

3. Think of who you know -- large corporations, small companies, sole proprietors -- who might like to be a sponsor of the walk. (This is separate from individual donations we'll be collecting.) These are sponsors who want to take advantage of publicity for what is envisioned as a year-long project.

(Dan will be stopping for events in various places. We hope he'll be in DC for a Veterans Day event.)

4. Think of other ways you can help. Do you manufacture walking shoes? Dan is going to need lots of those. Sunscreen? Nutrition bars?

You can contact Dan at danstepel@gmail.com with any ideas or you can contact possible sponsors yourself and ask them to contact Dan.

I'll be keeping you posted here as plans develop further. And, for the possible sake of someone you love, read about the symptoms of PTSD at www.insupportofourtroops.com/ptsd-info/

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of the novel MRS. LIEUTENANT and the co-author of the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION. Her newest project is www.FilmsThatSupportOurTroops.com.Phyllis' company MillerMosaicLLC.com does power marketing that combines traditional marketing principles and Internet marketing strategies to put power in your hands.

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