Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Journalist Andrew Lubin Requesting Funds to Tavel to Afghanistan for Embed

Here's a guest post from Andrew Lubin (above with an Afghan soldier):

I'm looking to raise money to fund a trip (my 5th) to Afghanistan. I'm an author, journalist, and independent foreign correspondent who writes on current events, which in the last few years has brought me to Beirut, Iraq (4 times), GTMO, Afghanistan (4 times), and I'm just back from Haiti.

I'm already accepted to embed with the 1st MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force) Fwd to write a "boots-on-the-ground" series about our young Marines, and I'll be pushed out into Helmand-Nimroz-Farah Provinces.

This is a critical time in the war. President Obama has tripled American troop strength, most of it Marine, and the troops are fighting with and training Afghan forces as well as dealing with Afghan leaders. It's important to chronicle and document how our troops are performing.

With my prior embed experience, I'll be out on the front lines as our Marines deal with Taliban, locals, and Afghan government officials. My writing is totally non-political. I'll be writing two to three stories weekly, plus gathering info for a piece on U.S. military counterinsurgency tactics.

Funds are needed for my round-trip airfare and miscellaneous expenses in Afghanistan.

Length of the embed is approximately six weeks -- mid-May through the end of June. I already own my own flak, kevlar, boondockers, and other equipment. My work's been picked up by such prestigious magazines as Jane's Intelligence Review, Leatherneck Magazine, Proceedings, and The Gazette.

But the first step is getting there, and corporate and other sponsorship has dried up. I need your help in traveling to Afghanistan in order to document what our brave young men and women are doing!

Please click on the above link to contribute! And feel welcome to email me with any questions or comments you might have at


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