Friday, December 31, 2010

Robin Williams Urges 2010 Tax-Deductible Gift to USO to Support Our Deployed Troops

Here's an email from Robin Williams that the USO has asked to be shared with as many people as possible:

I'm writing today with a renewed sense of commitment to our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world. I've just come back from a tour with the USO that has once again inspired me to do everything I can for those brave men and women -- men and women of all ages and all nationalities doing some extraordinary things for us and our country.

And let me tell you, they truly deserve it. They deserve to have someone come over there and say "you rock -- you're the best." And, especially as they spend the holiday season thousands of miles away from their loved ones, they deserve to have all of us keep them at home in our hearts.

Make your At Home In Our Hearts gift today and help the USO bring support and comfort to our troops all around the world.

The USO's At Home In Our Hearts campaign is about bringing a touch of home to our troops and our wounded warriors all around the world. And it's all made possible thanks to the support of passionate Americans like yourself.

With your gift today, you and the USO can help our troops make a holiday phone call back home for free, help bring all the things that remind them of home to the front lines thanks to USO2GO and give them some much-needed comfort and a place to relax at USO centers right there in the war zone.

I've seen firsthand how much these services mean to our troops and I can't thank you enough for your past support of the USO. I hope you will lend your generosity once again as part of the USO's At Home In Our Hearts campaign.

Please make your gift today and keep our troops At Home In Our Hearts.

Thanks again for all you do for our troops. And thanks for joining with me and the USO in this critical campaign.

Robin Williams


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Erin Rainwater said...

As a volunteer at the Denver airport USO, I so much appreciate hearing that celebrities get the word out about donating to the USO. Thank you for sharing this, Phyllis.