Monday, December 20, 2010

USO Asks for Donations for "At Home in Our Hearts" Holiday Campaign

Here is an email from the USO:

Imagine for a moment you're far away from your loved ones at this special time of year. You might know when you will be home again, but that date is so distant it's hard to picture. You're cold, tired and really miss the simple things -- like talking to your kids on the phone.

That's what it is like for our troops spending this holiday season in Afghanistan, Iraq and at outposts around the world.

But through the USO's At Home In Our Hearts holiday campaign, supporters like you have the chance to give our troops something really special: the opportunity to make a phone call home.

Whether it's the sound of your daughter's voice, hearing your son talk about his football game, or the opportunity to tell your parents you're alright -- when you're deployed during the holidays, it's a phone call you'll treasure.

Will you join me in giving our troops the chance to phone home for the holidays?

Give our troops a phone call home this holiday: make your tax-deductible donation today.

Operation Phone Home goes the extra mile to connect our troops with their families, and it's a vital part of the USO's At Home In Our Hearts campaign. At centers across the world, staff and volunteers are going all-out to give our troops invaluable moments with their families that bridge the miles.

There's nothing we can ever really do to thank our troops enough for the sacrifices they make. But we owe it to them to try and right now that means helping them make personal connections with loved ones to brighten their holiday.

Every dollar you give to "Operation Phone Home" can provide twenty minutes of talk time for our troops. With your help, we can bring them all a few minutes of holiday warmth with family.

You can make sure that this holiday, home is just a phone call away for our troops.

No matter where they're stationed or deployed, our troops are spending this time of year At Home In Our Hearts. Please help them bridge the distance by making a special gift today.

Thanks for all you do,

Kelli Seely
USO Chief Development Officer

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