Sunday, May 25, 2014

Honoring Our Troops Today and Every Day: Military Films for Memorial Day

Here is my recommended listing of film documentaries, feature films and TV documentaries supportive of our troops. The shows have been vetted by me before being placed on my site

Click on the name of each film to see a video clip if available along with information about the film:

Film Documentaries

"American Widow Project" Documentary

“Brats: Our Journey Home” Documentary

“Brothers at War” Documentary

“Fighting for Life” Documentary

“Hallowed Grounds” Documentary

"Restrepo" Documentary

"Striking a Chord" Documentary

"The Invisible War" Documentary

"The Way We Get By" Documentary

“War Dogs of the Pacific” Documentary

"Wartorn 1861-2010" Documentary

Feature Films

"Everyman's War" Feature Film

"Lifted" Feature Film

"Taking Chance" Feature Film

"The Dry Land" Feature Film

“The Hurt Locker” Feature Film

"The Messenger" Feature Film

"The Landscaper's Daughter" Short Feature Film

Television Documentaries

"The Real World Presents: Return to Duty" Documentary


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ECA MyCAA said...

Thank you for the links. Memorial day is to give acknowledgement and honor to military soldiers who made sacrifices for the country.

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