Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES Episode 4 of Season 2: What a Difference a Writer Can Make

This episode 4 of season 2 of Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES – titled “Leaving the Tribe” – is on an entirely different plane than the first three episodes of this season. I looked up on the credited writer of the episode – Bruce Zimmerman – with story credit to Nick Thiel.

And then I knew why this episode was so emotional I’m writing this blog post with zig zag lines in front of my eyes from a migraine due to tension.

Nick Thiel is a co-executive producer on USA Network’s BURN NOTICE, the second season for which I’m waiting for July 10 with much anticipation. And Bruce Zimmerman was a writer and supervising producer on Fox’s K-VILLE, which last season I faithfully watched its compelling stories of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and I much regret there will be no second season.

Why did I find this 4th episode of season 2 of ARMY WIVES so compelling? Many reasons. Here are some – without giving anything away:

Denise talking by computer hook-up to her husband in Iraq when he says that what she’s doing isn’t proper for an officer’s wife. (A theme of MRS. LIEUTENANT.)

Roxy talking about the history of the Hump Bar as the first such integrated place in that area. (Another theme of MRS. LIEUTENANT.)

Claudia Joy and her husband the general walking over to two soldiers just off a plane from Iraq who are not met by any loved ones. (Also a theme of MRS. LIEUTENANT as well as the book’s website listing of, whose motto is “May No Soldier Go Unloved.”)

Hats off to Bruce Zimmerman and Nick Thiel for an episode that rang very true – and very compelling.

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