Friday, July 18, 2008

Soldiers’ Angels Needs Help for Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Soldiers’ Angels is an organization benefiting U.S. troops that I have previously blogged about. And on my book’s website at – in the section on military organizations that support military families – there’s a listing for Solders’ Angels.

So when my husband read in one of the milblogs he follows – – the blog post with the title “Soldiers’ Angels Could Use Some Help,” I offered to post again about the organization. You can read the actual post at And at you can read about what Soldiers’ Angels does to support the troops.

To me, the most moving tribute to the work of Soldiers’ Angels is the organization’s motto May No Soldier Go Unloved. There are men and women deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan who get NO mail, NO packages, nothing. Put yourself in their shoes and then you’ll know why this is an important organization to support.

Of course there are many other organization supporting military troops and their families that are very worthwhile. One I recently learned about (and have not yet blogged about) is eMail Our Military. The motto of this organization is Supporting Our Military, One eMail At A Time. Military personnel register and are matched with civilians who have registered to send and show their support.Why Choose Us

We’re original! We were the 1st organization to step in after 9/11 when force protection concerns threatened to keep the support from getting to our troops.

Our Code of Ethics and the security measures we have in place help us to support our troops safely. We require all of our participants to register with us, we work directly with many military commands and we never publicize the names and addresses of our service members, ships or units on the web.

Many of our military service members overseas have limited or no web access. Therefore they may never see messages posted on internet websites. They do however, have eMail and look forward to hearing news from home.


Read some of our testimonials from the troops we’ve supported and our members. More...

Besides supporting Soldiers’ Angels NOW, go check out

And remember not to throw away your old cell phones. Donate them to, a project started by two teens.

And as I always say, supporting the troops is not about whether you are for or against the war in Iraq and the fighting in Afghanistan. This is about showing support for the men and women who have voluntarily joined our military forces to defend us.

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