Monday, August 25, 2008

Mrs. Lieutenant Interview on the Book Blog Diary of An Eccentric

I want to share the interview of me that appeared on the book blog “Diary of An Eccentric.” Here’s the beginning of the interview:

As you can tell by my review, Phyllis Zimbler Miller's Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel is among the best books I've read in a long time, and it ranks up there with my all-time favorite books. Normally, I read only one book at a time (not counting the books I read with my daughter).

When I received Mrs. Lieutenant, I only planned on reading the back cover to learn more about the book, then pick it up again after I finished the book I was currently reading.

That didn't go as planned; as soon as I read the back cover, I decided I was going to just glance at the first page...and before I knew it, I was nearly halfway through the book. I just couldn't put it down! (I don't encounter books like that often, but I cherish those moments.)

As soon as I finished the book, I contacted Phyllis to let her know how much I enjoyed it, and she was kind enough to let me interview her.

How much of this book is based on your real-life experiences as a Mrs. Lieutenant?

The book is very much based on my experiences as a new Mrs. Lieutenant. My husband did indeed start Armor Officers Basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, in May of 1970, and I did go with him even though the army didn’t say he could bring his wife. I took material from that time as well as material from when we were later stationed in Munich, Germany, and mashed the material together to create the novel.

Is there one character whom you most identify with?

Sharon is the character most like me, but I didn't grow up in Chicago and I was never an anti-war protester. In fact, I had my head stuck very far in the sand so as not to think about the war because my husband had told me on our third date that he was going to Vietnam.

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Anna said...

Thanks, Phyllis!

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