Monday, August 11, 2008

Operation Soldier Care and Supporting Our Troops

I emailed a deployed National Guard member about Operation Soldier Care – a project to support the troops sponsored by and Nancy Sutherland, sales director of May Kay. (Read about the project and the prizes for the top five donors at

I had hoped that the National Guard member would forward the announcement to people he knows. Instead I got him in a mood that, as he said later, was caused by a bad case of timing. He was annoyed at Fox News coverage of Lizzie Palmer, a 16-year-old girl who made a tribute to the troops video entitled “Remember Me.

The National Guard member said that everyone wants to support the troops as long as it doesn’t involve becoming one of the troops.

My reaction when I watched the video was that it’s definitely moving, but there’s no specific call to action – only the general theme of supporting the troops. Such a video would have been much more effective if it had included URLs of organizations that support the troops and specific actions we could take to do this.

Which is all the more reason for people to support Operation Soldier Care – a project with a specific call to action.

Read Trish Forant’s blog post at and then take action to support the troops.

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