Sunday, August 17, 2008

National Guard Member in Iraq Reports the Convoy Made It Through Safely

I'm back a little earlier than I thought. Everything is fine.

This is the email I received Saturday evening Pacific time from the National Guard member whom I wrote about in my post on Friday

I immediately responded that I was glad to hear from him. Then, because a few days ago he had mentioned concerns he had about this mission, I asked him for more details. This is his response:

Boring day which is the way I like it. We are going out for most of the week, but odds are I will not be doing this. HQ just provides fills when the line units need a body. So I'll be in the TOC [Tactical Operation Center] on the radio or watching a movie.

I want to be out with my guys, and that can happen on some missions, but it’s just not my job. I'm supposed to make sure my guys run the TOC and my mechanics are fixing vehicles. I can go out, but from now on, it will be as a Joe, not as a leader.

Now Operation Soldier Care only has one more day to go – tomorrow, August 18th. And I want those of you reading this blog to think about “the guys” of this National Guard platoon sergeant who are struggling through the desert in convoy formation. (FYI – The “guy” on the gun on Vic 6 – vehicle 6 – of the eight-truck convoy was a woman.)

Thanks to Trish Forant of and Nancy Sutherland, sales director of Mary Kay who is matching up to $5,000 of donations, in a few days sun/skin care products will be on the way to help our troops in the Iraqi desert.

And Trish just won the Blog of the Day Award! See to read about this terrific honor then click through to read her most recent blog post on Operation Soldier Care.

And while you’re cruising the internet sitting in comfort, click on the link from Trish’s blog to the Mary Kay skin/sun care product page and send a little comfort to our troops in the blazing Iraqi desert. Or click from here directly to the Mary Kay product page Consider buying multiple packages – the top five donors will receive an incredible array of donated prizes.

If it were your loved one serving in harm’s way under these difficult conditions, you’d want the American public to show appreciation.

Now’s your chance to show appreciation to the loved ones of other Americans. Do this now before the clock ends on August 18th.

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nancymkqueen said...

This is a great article! It gives your readers a little more insight into day to day operations in AO (area of operation). Thanks once again for for all that you have done to promote Operation Soldier Care. We both share a passion in trying to make a difference in some way to those brave men and women who are OUR HEROES!