Thursday, May 21, 2009

HALLOWED GROUNDS Documentary Tells the Amazing Story of the U.S. Military Cemeteries in Foreign Lands

Nancy Brown of and I were privileged to each screen the documentary HALLOWED GROUNDS before interviewing Glenn Marcus on our May 21st BlogTalkRadio show

HALLOWED GROUNDS was directed by Emmy Award-winner Robert Uth and produced and written by Robert Uth and Glenn Marcus. And it will be shown by PBS stations on Memorial Day (see local PBS listings or the website of the American Battle Monuments Commission for show information).

Neither Nancy -- a former Marine -- nor I -- a former Mrs. Lieutenant -- had any idea how many foreign military cemeteries the U.S. maintains.

And for me one of the most compelling parts of the documentary is the historical footage that explains the battles in World War I and II that led to the creation of the specific cemeteries. And this footage includes the stories of nurses who gave their lives in the fighting.

Another compelling part is how grateful the citizens of those countries we liberated still are today. They bring schoolchildren to the cemeteries to teach what the Americans sacrificed to free their countries.

Listen to the interview with Glenn Marcus now, check for HALLOWED GROUNDS' PBS schedule and watch it, and then act on Glenn Marcus' words -- every day we should remember our veterans and be grateful for their service that defends our liberty.

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