Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nancy Brown Reports: Blog Talk Radio Featured 3 of Your Military Life Guests

Nancy Brown of on her wrote the following post on Feb. 20th. As I am as excited about this news as Nancy is, I wanted to share Nancy's blog post with my blog readers:

My co-host Phyllis Zimbler Miller and I have experienced some great guests on our featured Blog Talk Radio talk show Your Military Life. In fact, Blog Talk Radio has featured 3 of our shows for the entire day on the Blog Talk Radio home page!

Our first featured show was Dec. 15th. Our guest was Jared Still, director of the Soldier Wish campaign and senior vice president of Special Projects with Wishy, Inc. Soldier Wish is a non-profit initiative that lets supporters make tax-deductible donations that go directly to grant "wishes" for our troops and their families. Soldiers are signing up right now and placing wishes for themselves and their families. To learn more on how you can help, please visit

Our second featured show was on Jan. 13th, and our guest was Andrew Lubin. He is an author and journalist and has been embedded with the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for 12 of the last 30 months. He is the author of "Charlie Battery: A Marine Artillery Unit in Iraq." His topic was: Afghanistan - Are We Winning or Losing? He also discussed his book and the experiences he had as he was embedded with the soldiers.

He will be going back overseas in April to be embedded once again and is funding the trip on his own. If you would like to assist him, he is using the proceeds of his book sale to help defray the costs of his trip. The book is fantastic and you will enjoy it. Andrew came back on our show on Feb. 5th and discussed the ramifications of closing Guantanamo Bay. To learn more about Andrew Lubin, please visit

(Note: Andrew Lubin has agreed to be a regular guest on the Your Military Life talk show beginning this May. Visit our host page for more details.)

The third Your Military Life show that Blog Talk Radio featured was this week, Feb. 17th. Our guest was Karen Driscoll, Marine wife and mother of three small children, one of whom has autism. Karen is working to educate and raise awareness with senior military leadership and Congress to effect the comprehensive health care coverage changes that military families with autism require.

If you would like to become a guest on our show, please email Nancy Brown at Our half hour shows are held live twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. We do the radio interviews on the telephone and over the Internet so you can do the interview from the comfort of your home. We are booked solid through April and are now booking guests for May and June.

The topic can be ANYTHING military, and once the show is completed you can download the podcast to your blog or website and even send to friends or clients.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this information Phyllis. Our show is gaining popularity due to the quality of guests that we have, as well as the interest that the public has for military topics. We are now booking guests into June 2009 and this is just the end of February!!!! It's great having you appear on the show with me as my co-host!!

Nancy Brown

Co-host of Your Military Life radio talk show -

Anonymous said...

I should also add to Major Nusbacher's comments and my own about people declaring their identity. They didn't hide their Jewishness because of anti-semitism but because they were not affiliated in the first place. It was the Armed Forces Jewish Community that gave them their first taste of Jewish Community life. That's why they are now nailing their colours to the mast.

I would also reassure, as a media specialist who monitors world media, that anti-semitism is no worse here than you would find in the USA. Our media and reporting is different (and I have to say some BBC reporters somewhat bias against Israel) so you hear more about mnay minor incidents. Married into an American family I read the US press - and if you read many of the smaller newspapers you'll find plenty of similar incidents. It's just that they don't get into the national press as they do in the UK.

Col M Newman DL