Thursday, February 19, 2009

PTSD Featured on Upcoming BlogTalkRadio Shows of

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a subject that I take very seriously. While at a conference this weekend I met a professional who uses music therapy to help people with PTSD. I’m planning for Nancy Brown of and I to interview the music therapist on our BlogTalkRadio show

On March 10th Nancy and I will be interviewing Heather Hummert from -- “dedicated to helping our heroes and their loved ones survive and thrive after combat.”

And on April 28th Nancy and I will be interviewing Bob Page, Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy Reserve. His presentation “Iraq Never Leaves Us” is on the website of the National Center for PTSD with a viewer discretion warning. Here’s the into to the presentation:
In this presentation, Bob Page shares his story to provide the viewer with an “up-close and personal” view of “What’s it like over there?” in the combat theater of Iraq via his personal photos. NOTE: This special feature is not a course, but instead a story of one veteran's experiences.

Bob Page is a husband, father, veteran, and, in his civilian career in the television and broadcasting industry, an Emmy Award (4) and AP award winner. During his numerous Active Duty and Marine Reserve periods, Bob has served in several theaters including Beirut, Lebanon; Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield; and in the battles of An Nasiriya, Al Kut, and the liberation of Baghdad, Iraq.

Like many combatants, Bob must manage his PTSD and associated symptoms. Since 2004, Bob has been receiving counseling at a Vet Center and states, “I continue to work hard to heal so I can be the best husband, father and Sailor I can be.”
Tonight my daughter Yael showed me the parts from the newest episode of television show GREY’S ANATOMY that deal with former army major Dr. Owen Hunt and his PTSD from being an army doctor in Iraq. Dr. Hunt explains why he can’t tell his mother that he’s back from Iraq because of his PTSD – she would be upset that the son she saw off to war is no longer the same person.

If you missed Yael’s guest blog post ”PTSD: Achilles in Vietnam and the TV Show Grey’s Anatomy,” read it now.

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Anonymous said...

PTSD is a very important topic. I am very happy to have these 3 guests on our upcoming radio talk show, Your Military Life.

Nancy Brown