Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ross Katz Talks With About the HBO Film TAKING CHANCE

Ross Katz, the director and co-writer of the HBO film TAKING CHANCE, was the guest on a very special edition of the BlogTalkRadio show that Nancy Brown and I co-host. I don't usually share the recordings of our shows on this blog, but this show was so compelling that I want to share the interview.

Katz has been interviewed by many people about this film, and both Nancy and I have read several reviews as well as seen this amazing film. Yet there was one question that I didn't find the answer to anywhere: How did the producer of LOST IN TRANSLATION and IN THE BEDROOM come to have the opportunity to direct and co-write TAKING CHANCE?

I'm pleased to announce that Katz shared the answer with our listeners. And you'll want to hear his answer, which sheds light on just how committed he became to this true story.

Listen to the half-hour show now of Ross Katz talking about the HBO film TAKING CHANCE.

Warning: You may want to have some tissues nearby.

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