Monday, February 2, 2009

Specialist Gerardo Llamas Makes First Delivery to Orphanage in Afghanistan

We first learned of Specialist Gerardo Llamas’ project to help poor children in Afghanistan at the end of December. We’ve had some updates since then, including how you can help by donating through Spirit of America. Now here’s the latest report from Specialist Llamas in Kabul:

Here are some pictures of my first delivery to a local orphanage.

It was a great experience. I can't believe how happy these kids were. The smiles on their faces said a lot, and I, of course, was touched by this.

When we got there we were received by the people that run the orphanage. They told us the kids were all outside waiting for us and that they were really excited. They helped us unload the boxes from the vehicles and took them inside the orphanage.

As I was walking in I realized how much these people needed. As you can see in the pictures even the walls are falling apart. When I got in I saw all the kids lined up; girls on one side, boys on the other.

We started giving all the blankets away. I must say that at the beginning I was scared that maybe I didn't have enough blankets for every kid.

As the kids came to get their blanket they just smiled. Some were shy and just walked away with their blanket. Some tried to say thank you. Some thanked me in their language; some just smiled. And one little girl, pretty as a doll, smiled and then gave me a hug. That was the highlight of my day -- she seemed so thankful.

At the end I was really happy to see that every single kid got a blanket. I even had enough to give to the teachers that live with them and care for them.

When we finished handing out the blankets we started giving away some jackets and coats. Unfortunately I only had about 60, and they were boys’ coats. So we handed these to the boys and some stuffed animals to the girls.

After everything was all done we said bye to the kids. Some came and gave us hugs; some asked us to come back.

I will definitely try to go back soon to give the school supplies and, if possible, take them some bags of candy and other treats.

You can donate to Specialist Llamas’ outreach through Spirit of America.

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