Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Author Bob Mayer Uses His Green Beret Training to Teach Civilians How to Win

West Point graduate, Special Forces veteran and New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer discussed on the BlogTalkRadio show how to apply Special Operations tactics in the civilian world.

Bob's new book WHO DARES WINS uses these tactics to help people succeed in their civilian careers. He's now working on a book that will apply these tactics to teams.

Bob has 40 books published, some non-fiction and many fiction, including military fiction titles. He also writes under the pseudonym Robert Doherty for the Area 51 series and other books.

Historical note: Bob said that at West Point they had to memorize that 155 battles out of the 160 Civil War battles were waged by generals on both sides who had graduated West Point. (Bob is working on an historical novel starting at the Mexican War and moving forward to the Civil War.)

Listen to his interview now and then learn about the writing courses he teaches by visiting his website at

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