Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organization Provides Donated Event Tickets to Veterans and Active Duty Military

Veteran Tickets Foundation founder/CEO Michael Focareto discussed on the BlogTalkRadio show how his organization is making a difference
in the lives of veterans everywhere.

Michael told the story of how the idea for the all-volunteer work of this organization came to be, and it's a compelling story of seeing something he thought was wrong and setting out to make it right.

Now his organization is a central gathering point for donated tickets for all types of events. The tickets are then given out to veterans and active duty military personnel.

Michael (pictured here) is a disabled veteran (shoulder injury) of the US Navy (1988 - 1993) serving in the 1st Gulf War; he was a Naval Nuclear Engineer aboard the USS Virginia (CGN-38).

Listen to Michael explain how the system works.

And then go to his site now to offer tickets, make a donation or, if you are a veteran or active duty military, sign up for free to receive donated tickets.

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