Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Author Looking for Women Who Have Served During Wartime

Here's a request from Kerry Pardue, who contributed to the new book HEART OF A MILITARY WOMAN by Sheryl L. Roush and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez:

My name is Kerry Pardue and I am writing another book.

This one’s focus is on women who have served during war; those considered the forgotten ones, misunderstood because perhaps the perception was that they hadn’t endured any hardships. Many may be closet vets but they, too, have stories to be told--something important to share now while there’s still time.

I’m including women who served from the Revolutionary War to the current Afghani/Iraq conflicts, from Rosie the Riveter, to the nurse, air traffic controller, pilot, and the Donut Dolly. Each paid their dues coping with loss, blood, sweat and tears. I want to include secondary victims as well—those who lost a husband, parent or sibling.

I am looking for your story, your photos from then to now, your writings, your reasons for becoming [insert occupation here], your experiences and how that time was for you. You might find it helpful to answer questions about your homecoming, your memories now of how you were treated by your peers, subordinates and superiors, your regrets, losses, and whether or not you’d do it over again.

What happened to you after you returned home…did you return home? What do you want other women to know about you and your service?

I know that I am asking a lot but it will be an important work. Mmost of the proceeds will be donated for education to the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

Please consider being a part of this work and please send this on to your network of women that you know who have been a part of serving our country during war…and peace.

If you or any of your contacts have any questions please get in touch with me: kerrypardue247@yahoo.com

My goal is to collect everything by March 1st so I can begin to put together your stories with the book’s release date by Veterans Day 2010.

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
National Chaplain, Medics & Corpsmen 2008-2010

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