Thursday, July 8, 2010


As I wrote in my previous blog post about the new movie THE DRY LAND I thought the movie a very compelling story of one soldier's return home.

I actually got a very interesting question on Twitter from @FreeRangeMom (Peggy Dolane):

@ZimblerMiller Do you think #thedryland would be of interest to currently enlisted personnel? Or is it too close to home?

And here is what I replied in the limitation of characters on Twitter:

@FreeRangeMom Important for current enlisted personnel & officers to see #thedryland to know they are not "crazy" - it's a medical condition

Now I want to share with you part of an email I sent THE DRY LAND's writer/director Ryan Piers Williams after attending the press screening of the film:
I have only one comment. Although I know that end credits are usually contractual, is there any way the important info about getting help for PTSD can be before the end credits? I'm concerned that many people don't stay for the credits and that message is so very, very important.
Ryan's reply to me was so sensitive to the emotions of people that I asked his permission to share that response here:
The decision to put the PTSD message where it is was a very important one. I found, through many test audiences, that people needed the time between the end of picture to the PTSD message to settle their emotions.

I timed out the message to come when I felt the audience would be ready for it. It was a creative decision. We tried to place it after the picture ended and it felt wrong. It was a tough decision, but one I had to make.

There was not one actor that wasn't willing to sign a waiver to have the message above their names. That was not the issue. The decision was made by me in considering the emotional state the audience should be in by the end of the film and when they might be ready to read the message.

FYI -- See July 7th New York Times article by James Dao headlined "V.A. Is Easing Rules to Cover Stress Disorder"

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