Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Navy Introduces New Ideas to the Realities of Sea Life

I had the privilege to be on the Department of Defense Bloggers Roundtable featuring Captain Carl Conti, Director of Experimentation, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, and Commander Dave Varnes, Director, Trident Warrior 2010.

Captain Conti explained:
What we're trying to do every year when we do Trident Warrior is to go out and find things that are out there -- it might be a technology, it might be a process, it might be a procedure -- but different ways to do business -- and take that information out to sea and see how it works in the hands of the folks that are going to be using it.
The example of this that I liked best is this one given by Captain Conti:
We had one technology one time, the engineers were planning it out, they had done it in pencil work in the lab, everything was good to go. They packaged their box up and they sent it out to the ship to get installed, and then it was inside of a big Pelican case, and then they realized that Pelican case doesn't fit through the hatch on the ship.
Listen to the half-hour interview now -- it's very informative.

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