Thursday, July 15, 2010

The PTSD Walk Has Hit a Snag and Needs Your Help

Dan Stepel, the 47-year-old U.S. Marine veteran who was determined to walk the 12,000 miles, has finally bowed to the inevitable.

A bug bite in Ghana when he was there on business led to surgery that left one leg less than whole. And while Dan truly thought he could walk those miles each day with this bad leg, he has had to admit defeat for his own plans.

But he is not admitting defeat with this planned walk.

The response on the walk’s Facebook page ( has demonstrated how important it is to get the media exposure that such a walk would bring to the PTSD suffering of active-duty military personnel and veterans.


How to have the walk without Dan doing the walking.

There are a few veterans who suffer from PTSD who could each, perhaps, walk for a week. Under this plan these veterans would need to meet up on the walk itinerary with the previous walker and take over for a week.

In other words, a relay walk, which could be quite powerful from a media exposure perspective.

Would you or anyone you know possibly be interested in participating in a relay walk?

Do you have other ideas of how this project might go forward?

Leave comments here or email Dan at

As Dan learned in the Marines, Semper Fi!

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