Tuesday, November 2, 2010

USA Together Needs Help With Requests From Wounded Warriors

Below is the text of an email I received:

Friends of USA Together,

We would like to give you an update on USA Together (www.usatogether.org) and ask for your help on something. This is the first time we have sent you email, other than the normal notifications of new requests, as we appreciate the amount of information we all receive each day.

USA Together really started meeting requests [of wounded warriors] in early 2009. Since then, due to the generosity of subscribers and donors like yourself, over 430 individual requests for assistance have been met. They range from help with bills to baby items to help modifying a home to ease access for a wounded service member.

You made that happen and the difference you made in the lives of those families is reflected in the thoughts they have shared with us and with many of you individually in private messages of thanks.

Veterans Day is coming up in just a few weeks, on November 11th. We currently have more open requests on our site than we have ever had in our history — and yet it is still just a few dozen items.

We are asking for your help in telling others about USA Together and encouraging them to help meet the need of one service member between now and Veterans Day.

We know the economy is challenging all of us these days. We believe that in spite of it, the respect we all share for those who have been injured or died because they stood up for our country will cause us to act as citizens -- in the best sense -- and reach out to help. This is what Americans do.

Thank you again for your help in the past and please feel free to contact us directly with your thoughts and suggestions.

The USA Together Team

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