Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watch Live on November 19 "The Human Stories" of the U.S. Army

Here is an email I received about a live event featuring "The Human Stories" of the U.S. Army:

When some people hear the word “military”, they automatically think of guns, tanks, and planes – the awe-inspiring technology that makes America’s military a superior force above all others. What is often overlooked, however, is the common thread that unites our talks and remains America’s strongest military asset: its people.

I am writing you on behalf of the U.S. Army's Online & Social Media Division to tell you about an event that you may be interested in that features some of our people.

Tomorrow, Nov. 19, the Department of Defense is hosting a TEDxPentagon series and we'd love to have you watch the speeches LIVE as they are delivered at The sessions start at 10 a.m.

“The Human Stories” series includes Mrs. Sarah Hertig’s perspective as an Army spouse whose husband was injured in Iraq. She will shed light about why she’d gladly see her daughter marry to also become an Army wife.

In addition to Mrs. Hertig, U.S. Army Accessions Commander Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley’s will provide insight about why “Technology Without People is Just (Really Cool) Stuff”. His TEDxPentagon talk will focus on the modern military service member and the future of recruiting.

Also scheduled to participate in TEDxPentagon is Commanding General of the U.S. Africa Command, Gen. William “Kip” Ward. His Legacy Lecture on “The Footprints We Leave” will include personal accounts on a lifetime of military service, cultural growth, and personal development.

Read more about the event now!

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