Sunday, November 7, 2010

Volunteer Finds Homes for Fallen Heroes Posters

Here is the email I received from Bobbi Baker, who has granted permission to share this here:

I simply must tell you how uplifting my experience with Operation Gratitude has been.

As you know, I have recently become involved with sending letters to our courageous young men and women in uniform.

I'm positive that the appreciation they will get from receiving letters of thanks will not compare to the feeling of giving that I get from writing those letters.

However one may feel about the wars in which we are now engaged, support of our troops is, in my opinion, our American duty. They put their lives in danger daily to ensure our safety and security and deserve no less than our never-ending gratitude.

Michael Reagan, the renowned artist who graciously provides portraits of fallen heroes to family members, provided six posters which are collages of the portraits he created from photos sent by the families.

Should someone want further information on the artist or the fantastic portraits he creates, the link is

For the past several weeks it has been my pleasure to find "homes" for these posters.

You'll be pleased to know that West Point requested two of them and our local Southern California Army Reserve unit asked me for one that they intended to frame immediately and hang in a place of honor.

I visited the John Kennedy Memorial Armory (was not aware that Operation Gratitude had a presence in this facility) and spoke with the recruiter. He absolutely fell in love with the posters -- looked over so carefully the three I had left -- he simply could not make a decision.

Finally, he rather shyly asked if he could hang two in the main building and the third in his office. He selected the one with the poem for his office and said he would go out that very day to purchase frames.

I just could not say no to him, so all six posters now have permanent homes where they will be given the respect so well deserved.

God bless our troops,
Bobbi Baker

Blog note: Michael Reagan has a foundation to help with the costs for this project. (He has created 2,200 portraits to date.) Consider donating whatever you can to this compelling project --

And you can download copies of the posters directly from the site at

Here is a quote from this page of the site:
The posters are a compilation of the digital images of the individual fallen hero portraits completed by Michael Reagan for the Gold Star families. The portraits contain Fallen Heroes from the United States up to poster number six; posters seven and upward include Fallen Heroes from the United Kingdom and Canada.

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