Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creating the Book Trailer for MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL

Watching the book trailer for MRS. LIEUTENANT –- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpjo-hv7fII brings back the memories of those turbulent times at the end of the ‘60s and the start of the ‘70s. Theresa Chaze did such a terrific job of capturing that time that I asked her to write a guest post describing how she chose the elements for the trailer. (FYI – She graduated from Michigan State University a little over a decade after I did.)

MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL offered special challenges for me when I produced the book trailer. It is not always easy to find good graphics that will adequately represent the spirit and content of a historically correct book even if it is a fictionalized account. Since the novel is based around real events, I had to find images that would not only embody the era but the changes in the four women’s lives as they became officers’ wives.

Searching the net for the appropriate pictures, I found myself remembering the newscast of the protest marches, the riots and the Vietnam War. I was 12 in 1970. As a child, I simply didn’t understand the violence and the bigotry.

After one of the riots (it could have been Kent State but I’m not certain) I asked my mother what would happen if someone accidentally was caught up in the middle if they were going to class or to work and took a wrong turn. She told me that everyone who was there deserved what they got. She believed protesting the government was wrong. To this day, I simply don’t understand how she could possibly say and mean it.

Writing the text was nearly as challenging. Even though Phyllis gave me a good start with her synopsis, I had to write copy that would be intriguing yet didn’t give too much of the story away.

It is a delicate balance of storytelling and marketing. You need to hook the reader in the beginning with the plot while carrying the interest through to the end where the goal is to sell books. Reviews need to be short and concise to meet the restrictions of the video medium.

In addition, where the book can be found and bought is also important. However, giving long website addresses will only frustrate the viewer who is trying to write down the information. Individual websites are best listed in the description of the video, where the URLs can easily be cut and pasted in the browser.

The music under the voiceover ties all the elements together into a complete package. In order to prevent emotional baggage, I wanted to totally avoid popular music. Well-liked songs always dredge up an individual’s old memories, which would distract from the message I was sending. Instead, I went with a simple piece that flowed with the images, connecting the story to the sales pitch at the end.

My resume includes a B.A. in English and Video Production with a minor in Theatre. I have over six years experience in broadcast TV as a producer, director and all-around tech. I have two novels in print, with a third due out this fall. In addition, I am an award-winning screenwriter. Nearly two years ago I decided to combine my experience by producing digital videos.

I work with authors, publishers, and PR representatives of all genres. The only books that I will not work with are those that promote hatred and bigotry. To see examples of what I can do for you, go to http://www.youtube. com/user/ Tirgana. I blog at http://theresachaze.blogspot.com, and you can learn about my Dragon Clan Trilogy at www.theresachaze.com. Contact me at tirgana@yahoo.com.

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Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Thank you Phyllis. I really enjoyed working on your trailer. I read a few pages of you book. It is amazing. I look forward to the rest.