Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES Season 2 Premiere – What Did You Think?

For two days I’ve been mulling over what I thought of the season 2 premiere of the popular Lifetime television series ARMY WIVES, which is based on Tanya Biank’s nonfiction book by the same name.

To be honest, the episode didn’t work for me. Yes, I understand that in order to create suspense throughout the entire hour of the show certain things were revealed in a specific sequence. (I’m not saying what in case you haven’t gotten to see the episode yet.)

What bothered me was the over-the-top commentary of Pamela on her radio show “Have At It.” Her commentary kept yanking me out of the story and into an annoying mood – “Get on with the show!” I wanted to shout each time Pamela began her long, drawn-out ramblings.

It will be interesting to see whether the next episode also depends on Pamela’s running commentary, or whether the show’s writers will decide to write action scenes instead of lines for an audio podcast.

Does anyone agree or disagree with me?

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