Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Day 2 Stop for MRS. LIEUTENANT at Boomer Chick Blog

The moral of today’s boomer chick guest post (www.overthehillchick.blogspot.com) is: If you’re waiting for someone to say yes to you for whatever it is, at this age look around and see if, instead, you can say yes to yourself!

And I share the saga of the long journey to publication for MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL in order to encourage other boomer chicks. Here’s an excerpt from the guest post:

“Almost 20 years ago I told the story of this unique experience to two female producers, and they optioned the story for a possible film. They took the story “around town” (Hollywood), and then came back to me and said: “People don’t get the story. You’ll have to write the book first.” By the time I had written the first draft of the book, the two producers had moved on to other projects.

“Thus began years of rewriting and rewriting, learning to be a novelist instead of a journalist. Because, of course, this story had to be fictionalized to both add dramatic structure as well as protect identities.

“And all through these last 20 years, women who read a version of the manuscript liked the story, while agents and editors at publishing houses said “no way.” One editor said that the story was no longer relevant because there was no longer any racial prejudice in the U.S. Another editor rejected the manuscript sight unseen because she said the women couldn’t meet through their husbands – they would have to meet at their mutual place of work, such as a law firm.”

But I didn’t take NO for an answer. Read more of the saga of MRS. LIEUTENANT at www.overthehillchick.blogspot.com and leave me a comment about your thoughts on NOT waiting for others to say yes to you. After all, we only live once!

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